I do not follow yoga…though I’ve studied it’s spiritual roots. When they read or hear “Namaste.”…it seems many people either have a preconceived notion of what it means (usually connected to a religious tradition)…or are actually clueless and usually too embarrassed to ask.

At the very core, “Namaste” is a greeting or farewell that means “the soul in me recognizes the soul in you”.  Without all the religious and traditional trappings, it is simply a way to share that we are in fact connected. Your soul is the same as mine..though we wear different forms.

Just as  waves roll endlessly across the ocean…arising from the great body of water, finding their own momentary and miraculous form…so too do we live our lives.  Pushed to rise, swelling, cresting…then breaking to merge with the unseen powers that formed us.

Does a wave die when it returns to the ocean?

What is lost?

Understand this, and you will truly understand “Namaste.” 😉

My name is Logan…a man of both light and dark in this world..but one who has finally decided to act upon his calling.



We have formed, and are still forming, a group called Twilight Panorama…based out of our small 100year-old cabin in the woods just outside of Portland, Oregon.  We have come far, and have much farther to go…one step at a time…into the unfolding mystery which is this passing life.

Please check back for future blogs detailing our own quest to make it as a band…tentative first open mics…our diligent search for a cellist (almost as difficult to find as the ever-elusive “unicorn” ;)) …the creative process…the successes…failures…and maybe a few deep ideas along the way.

The journal of our unfolding life…one blog at a time…open to those who are curious enough to read. A simple button click on “Follow” will assure you’re notified of future writing. (and I promise you..it will not be nothing like a “Tweet”).

Any support or feedback along the way is accepted with sincere gratitude, and if we are able to help, please let us know.
After all…in Truth…by helping each other, we are ultimately helping ourselves.


Logan~Twilight Panorama



  1. March 12, 2012 at 8:58 am

    Just checking to make sure this thing works! 😉

  2. cindylou601 said,

    March 12, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    Hi logan, beautiful blog, I never knew what Namaste meant, you described it wonderfully. I love that you discovered your calling in life, I wish you all the best in your creative and musical journey 🙂

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